ELVN Token Introduction

The ELVN Token is a BEP20 Token on the Binance Smartchain with a fixed total supply of 1 billion. ELVN is used to build an ecosystem around our Game Series and for powering our GamePad.

Initial Allocation of ELVN

Token Functions

To ensure a working Ecosystem we added functions to the ELVN Token that ensure a stable price, ongoing staking rewards and secured liquidity.

Liquidity Lock

The initial liquidity will be locked and the ownership of the contract will be transfered to the burn address.

Liquidity Guarantee Program

With each ending Game Session, Liquidity will be added.


Holders of ELVN Tokens will be able to stake them to earn rewards. Part of the NFT fundings will be reserver for Token Stakers.

NFT Farming

Players with a NFT Gaming Ticket can use their Tickets to farm for ELVN Tokens. There are different sources for the Farming Pool, like a part of the NFT Fundings.

Whale Prevention

One of the biggest problems of Tokens are the big whale movements. We did build in functions, to prevent Whale Sales.

Transfer Limitation

There is a total limitation of 5,000,000 ELVN per transaction. This would be a maximum of 0,5% of the total supply before burning, after burning this will be 1% of the total supply per transaction.

Holding Limitation

The maximum amount that can be hold by an account will be limited to 1% of the total supply.

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