Mint your Ticket

To get started with the game, you need to mint your NFT first. You will find the Mint Page of each Game Session in the Top Menu of elevenminutes.io
The NFT's are on the Polygon Mainnet, if you don't know how to switch to Polygon Mainnet, check the subpage "How to switch to Polygon Mainnet with MetaMask"
1. Visit the Minting Page
11Minutes Beta Mint Page
2. Press “Connect”, then press “Next” and again “Connect” to establish a Connection between MetaMask and the Minting Page
Metamask connection with 11Minutes
3. After this, you will see the “Get Ticket” Button.
Mint Page after connection is established
For the next steps, you will need some MATIC to pay the Gas Fees for minting your NFT.
On the following pages you can get MATIC for your wallet to carry out the transaction:
If you have your MATIC in your wallet you can go on with the next step.
4. Press “Get Ticket”. You will be shown the total MATIC you have to pay. We did the tutorial on the Polygon Mumbai Testnet, on Mainnet the fees will be most probably a little bit higher. You will need to press “Confirm”. If the minting is not limited to one NFT per User, you will find a Slider next to the "Get Ticket"-Button, use it to mint more then one NFT at once.
Metamask minting
5. Congratulations, you will receive your NFT within seconds. After getting the Success Notification from Metamask, you can view your NFT on OpenSea.
11Minutes Beta Game Ticket #1
That’s it, you are the proud owner of a game ticket. You can start to play once the game session starts.