Let’s take the example of the first session, in which a maximum of 10,000 players can participate. As said, the ticket will cost around $ 45, whereby we will use MATIC as the currency, as we will bring our NFTs out on Polygon. We use Polygon, because the gas fees are particularly low here, so that you actually come to just under $ 45 and the price does not double, as it would be the case on Ethereum Mainnet.

When all NFT Tickets have been sold, the first game session will give a total of $ 270,000 in prize money. In this example, first place receives $ 80,000, second place $ 20,000 and third place $ 10,000 for 11 minutes of play!

Here you have an overview of all other placements:

1st Place: $ 80,000 2nd Place: $ 20,000 3rd Place: $ 10,000 4th Place: $ 8,000 5th Place: $ 7,000 6th Place: $ 6,000 7th Place: $ 5,000 8th Place: $ 4,000 9th Place: $ 3,500 10th Place: $ 3,000 Top 25%: $ 50 for each player

Yes, you read that right! If you reach the top 25% of the leaderboard you will receive $50 as a prize. Such high winnings in such a short time are not paid out in any other game, and everyone is a winner, because everyone keeps their NFT at the end of the session. This actually has to be mentioned at this point, as there are now games where your NFTs are burned. Shame on you guys!

This is just an example of a reward distribution. With every game, the distribution can change.

Of course you can ask yourself at this point, what should the NFTs bring me after the game session? Don’t worry, the NFT tickets will remain valuable.

There will be special events in which you can only participate if, for example, you have a ticket for the first and a ticket for the third session in your wallet. You are free to sell your tickets, but keep in mind that you may lose your chance to attend a cool special event!

Also, in our ecosystem, every holder will profit from NFT Staking. 11Minutes NFTs will give you the possibility to earn money in multiple ways.

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