What is the 11Minutes Game Series?

11Minutes is not a single game, but a series of games in which the aim is to achieve the high score within 11 minutes. But let’s start from the beginning:

First of all, the player must have mint a NFT to participate in a game session.

The price is $ 45, which is the average price you would pay for a new game. Of course, we also distribute tickets through competitions or giveaways, about which you can find out more in the upcoming posts.

Once the Game Starts, you have 24 hours to start your own game session and set a high score within 11 minutes. We will reveal the game shortly before the start of each session. Most of the time, it will be an endless games that is hardly more difficult than Flappy Bird. You can restart as often as you like in your 11 minutes and break your own high score. The highest rating is entered in the leaderboard together with your wallet address and your NFT Token ID. Based on your position on the leaderboard, you will receive a profit that will differ from session to session.

Pretty simple, right?

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