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Start the Game

After minting your NFT, there is one thing left. Start the game, show your skills, set your highscore and claim your reward!
1. Visit the Game Page which you will find in the top menu at elevenminutes.io
Game Page elevenminutes.io
2. Press Login and choose the wallet that you want to connect
Choose Wallet
3. On Metamask, click "next" and then "connect" to establish the connection
Establishing Connection with Metamask
4. Once connected, the Game shows you all NFT's you have in your wallet. Choose your NFT you want to play with and hit the "PLAY"-Button.
NFT Screen
5. Now have fun and try to get a highscore. The remaining time is always shown at the bottom of your screen. Once the 11 minutes are up, the game will end and your Highscore of the Session will be written to the Leaderboard