What is 11Minutes?

We are a team of 12 who are active in the hypercasual scene. Due to our work, we of course monitor the development of the game industry very carefully. Each and every one of us is also interested in the blockchain and its possibilities, so that we have come across Play2Earn games from time to time. Of course only for research reasons, as it should be for reasonable developers, we of course played some of these games.
We noticed that many of the games were more basic games with no frills, just existing concepts that were relatively heartlessly adapted to the blockchain, with the purpose of pushing a game token that was just as simple deployed to the market as the game itself was. At this point, I’m sure that some games have already crossed your mind. Yes, it’s exactly that game we’re gossiping about right now.
Of course there are also pieces of jewelry, my personal favorite is “Gods Unchained”. The game is far from finished and still has its quirks, but as a Hearthstone fan from the very beginning, I’ve had a lot of fun. Angry tongues will blur that it is only a copy of a well-known game deployed on the blockchain. I just say, yes, right, but it was done well and is just fun! Collecting is satisfying thanks to the combination of NFT creation with different material levels, which cannot be said of other trading card games. At this point, hats off “Gods Unchained”.
Of course we came across other giants like “Axie Infinity” along the way. Axie is really very smart, the idea of ​​NFTs is used very well here. That made a lot of people to put on their own versions of the same system, but let’s stay with Axie.
Breeding is fun and is associated with a certain tension, of course a certain tactic is also required here. In my opinion, the game itself is not the best. A huge community has formed around it, with scholarships and everything, but it is rather monotonous. The guys are still doing it right, as the entry of Samsung Next proves.
In all the games we encountered, one thing particularly bothered us, either the investment was much too high or it just took an incredibly long time to collect a few pennies. Play2Earn sounds more like a promise that has not been kept. In the games where you can really make money, like Axie Infinity, entry is simply not possible for many players.
This is where we come into play. We wanted to solve the problem of long monotonous playing times just for a rather small return and the problem of high entry costs in order to actually be able to earn money.
11Minutes was born!